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SongCat is an online music production company offering recording studio services in the cloud by building and using new technology. SongCat takes the traditional recording studio in the cloud, changing the way the industry approaches music. Originally founded in 2014 in Ireland by Chris Erhardt and Mylene Besancon, SongCat is now headquartered in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada with satellite locations in Toronto, ON and New York, NY.


Using SongCat, anyone can produce high-quality music with real instruments and session musicians from home – all you need is access to a computer. Simply send a rough recording of your song, your lyrics and a description of the sound and genre to our highly qualified session musicians and engineering staff, and SongCat will transform your song into a first-class production at a competitive rate.

During the SongCat recording process, you can be involved as much or as little as you wish. Check work in progress, communicate with your team of session musicians, or let an in-house producer manage your project. Let SongCat handle as little or as much as you wish, from a single guitar track on a current song you are working on to your entire song with a full band set-up, mixing and mastering in any genre from Pop to Rock, Country and Hip Hop.