Vusr still

Launched in 2009 and acquired by Entertainment One (eOne) in 2016, Secret Location combines cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling to create digitally accelerated experiences for the web, mobile, tablet, and new platforms like VR and Augmented Reality (AR). It is the first company in the world to win a Primetime Emmy® Award for a Virtual Reality project and the creator of the first original serialized VR narrative.  

Team Members

James Milward -  Founder/President and Executive Producer

Ryan Andal - Co-Founder/Head of Product

Pietro Gagliano - Co-Founder/Head of Innovation


Product Description:

VUSR is a content management platform that enables creators to easily publish, distribute and monetize content for VR headsets and mobile devices.

In development for two years, Secret Location’s VUSR solves the challenge that many creators face: how to publish and distribute premium VR experiences for the masses in a marketplace that is fragmented due to the absence of universal standards, with no opportunities to monetize content.