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CFC Actors Conservatory offers actors the opportunity to exercise their range, power and depth while mastering working within the on-screen industries.

We provide actors with a uniquely intense experience which encompasses both the personal and the professional.

Goals of the CFC Actors Conservatory:

  • Nurture actors' professional vision
  • Develop actors' creative storytelling ablities
  • Facilitate and build cross-disciplinary creative and business relationships
  • Expand actors' on-screen body of work
  • Strengthen their understanding of the business side of on-screen acting
  • Cultivate and promote actors' on-screen talent internationally

CFC Actors Conservatory takes an individual, advanced training approach so that each actor can achieve a greater level of confidence in their skills and processes, and in their knowledge of how their talent and creative vision relate to others and to the film/TV marketplace.

The conservatory is designed to be master class, practical experience and project driven. While it provides actors with continuous individual mentorship and support throughout the program, the actor residents will be inspired and learn from the best in the world through master classes, workshops and production activities.

We are furthering an actors training while advancing their storytelling, business and on-screen skills.

CFC Actors Conservatory is designed to empower actors to strengthen their instrument for the screen and to deepen their analytical skills in film and TV.

Actors will be exposed to the creative process from development through post production, working with like-minded individuals who are equally committed to dramatic storytelling, discovery and professional development. They will be immersed in the creative processes and business practices in film and television that impact the performer.

The conservatory will create meaningful interaction with the CFCs other training programs, with directors, producers, writers, editors and TV creators, as actors participate in workshops and case studies on story, cinematic tools, script table reads, production exercises, etc. They will learn how other creative partners work, how to manage their priorities and practices and become more effective at building strong creative alliances and professional relationships.

CFC Actors Conservatory is a key accelerator in showcasing talented and trained actors to the world.

The conservatory gives residents as much on-screen experience as possible providing them with opportunities to work on different types of projects with a myriad of talent and styles as they build a strong body of work and expand their professional reels. 

We will also introduce actors to other creative minds and key industry decision makers who will inspire, guide and work with them in identifying the possibilities within film and television both nationally and internationally, how best to market themselves and build a personal agenda which will dovetail with their professional aspirations.

Finally, they will really get to know one another, the CFCs creative talent as well as other working professionals, and they will forge strong partnerships that will continue well beyond the time they spend at the CFC.



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