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CFC NFB Documentary Program

Sarah Polley participated in the CFC NFB Documentary Program with STORIES WE TELL, now in theatres.

The CFC NFB Documentary Program is a unique laboratory for the development of successful:

  • feature documentaries 
  • mid-length documentaries  
  • interactive documentaries

Up to four accomplished Canadian directors with viable concepts for creative documentary projects are selected to participate in this unique program.  

Check out what past participants think of the program:

CFC NFB Documentary Program Video

Designed to help accomplished directors develop documentaries that will advance the genre and achieve critical success; the program’s immersive, “think-tank”, collaborative experience, is the core of this rigorous development process.  Focused on the unique creative challenges of documentaries in a rapidly evolving distribution environment, it will partner participants with a “dream team” of collaborators (leading Canadian and international documentarians and craftspeople).  Specifically tailored to the precise needs of the participants, the program combines four to six, demanding, two to three day modules at the CFC with a supported inquiry phase focused on concept development. It also includes the potential for preliminary shooting and editing to explore and demonstrate the power of characters and proposed visual approaches.

 CLICK HERE to learn about projects supported by
the CFC NFB Documentary Program

Participants’ projects will be considered for production at the conclusion of the documentary program.

"...I began with a very vague, unwieldy idea which gradually became a film ready to shoot as it was shaped by the mentors and most importantly the other directors…"

- Sarah Polley


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