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Directors’ Lab

 "CFC jumpstarted my professional life as a filmmaker. And it continues to be a place where I connect with, mentor and learn from emerging talent."

-Vincenzo Natali,
Directors' Lab Alumnus '96

The Directors' Lab empowers directors to deliver strong dramatic stories that successfully survive in the film and television marketplace. The Directors' Lab moves from the fundamentals of dramatic storytelling into more in-depth work with story, script, actors and performance, the language of cinematography, directing the edit, the impact of music and score, (etc.). They direct a series of complex dramatic stories working closely with above and below the line talent while exercising their collaborative, creative and professional skills through master classes and workshops with key international guests. Within each of these activities are the practicalities of directing and balancing personal vision with the demands of commercial imperatives. Directors also receive significant resources and mentorship increasing their ability to manage the professional development process, develop and package their own feature projects, and build their working knowledge of the business aspects of the industry.


"CFC gave me the opportunity to succeed. To get my work onto not just a national stage, but an international one."

- Brad Peyton
Directors' Lab Alumnus '02


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