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CFC Media Lab

Created in 1997, the CFC Media Lab provides a unique training, research and production think-tank environment for emerging new media content developers, practitioners and companies. An internationally acclaimed and award-winning facility, graduates of the CFC Media Lab emerge as leaders in the world of interactive media, produce innovative projects and start up 21st century companies.

Since 1997, CFC Media Lab has graduated more than 200 professionals through its various programs and services including Digital Futures Initiative (DFI), Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme (IAEP), Interactive Project Lab (IPL), Interactive Narrative Feature Program (INFP), and NBC Universal Multiplatform Matchmaking Program (MMP). Over 100 interactive new media content products have been developed and delivered in a variety of platforms. Recent productions have been seen at the SJ01 Biennale, 2010 Vancouver Cultural Olympiad, 2011 Nuit Blanche at the Bata Shoe Museum. Ground-breaking productions include Body/Mind/Change starring David Cronenberg, Canada’s first interactive feature film, Late Fragment and the dynamic mobile visualization project of What?s Your Essential Cinema, co-produced with TIFF. The CFC Media Lab has also launched several industry development initiatives such as ideaBOOST, an accelerator for digital companies and applications in the entertainment space, the ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate Production Lab, a bootcamp for developing applications for wearable technology, and ASTOUND Initiative, which introduces private investors to the creative sector.

The CFC Media Lab has a strong track record of being successful at building collaborative environments for creative transformation and we are currently working on several new initiatives that will be launched in the coming months with key industry stakeholders.

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