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Mission and History

CFC Media Lab was established (then known as Habitat) to address the growth of a nascent industry – digital media and develop a strategy for seeding talent, projects and companies in this sector. Over the years, CFC Media Lab responded to this industrial challenge in three ways :

1. Broadening the talent pool of entrepreneurship and “innovationship” in digital media: Companies formed by the CFC Media Lab participants include Smiley Guy Studios, an award-winning flash-animation and interactive web studio with over 70 employees which also operates an online and mobile video content platform; Trapeze Media Ltd., a Webby-Award winning interactive digital agency which has completed 400 projects for 90 clients from around the world; and Xenophile Media a two time Emmy-Award winning production company that produces innovative cross-platform television experiences, games and interactive media.

2. Accelerating the commercialization of projects and companies: In 2003, CFC Media Lab created the Bell Globemedia Content Innovation Network with partners, the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) and Institut National de L’Imgae et du Son (INIS). Through this network they introduced an access to capital and company acceleration program called the Interactive Project Lab (IPL). During the five years we ran this program, we accelerated the development of many companies and projects.

3. Producing North America’s best practice productions in digital media: Examples include the Great Canadian Story Engine, Canada’s first user-generated content site produced in 2000, and Late Fragment , North America’s first dramatic interactive feature film, produced in 2007.


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