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Past Programs

NBC Universal Multiplatform Matchmaking Program (MMP)

The MMP was designed for experienced professionals from across Canada working in the traditional media and interactive industries.

The MMP explored the creative and the commercial challenges of developing multiplatform content from the ground up for a changing media landscape. Participants were immersed in a week long intensive exploration of creative and business strategy development, culminating in the creation of a new multiplatform product or service idea.
Led by UKs renowned Crossover Lab, MMP participants had the opportunity to work alongside international experts and mentors and will present their ideas to a jury of experts at the end of the program.

MMP labs focus equally on process and outcome. Practical and dynamic, the labs:

    • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to develop interactive media projects
    • Explore new techniques for developing multiplatform programs and services
    • Encourage fresh thinking about interaction with viewers and users, through user-centered design processes
    • Provide a framework for the development of concrete projects
    • Result in the building of pitches and early stage concept prototypes

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program (IAEP)

The IAEP was Canada's first post-graduate training and production program based on a philosophy that compelling content is created though a collaborative process harnessing a wide range of creative skills and talents.

Team-based, self-directed and project-driven, the TELUS IAEP merged collaborative exploration with the fundamentals of new media, with a particular emphasis on narrative theory and storytelling. Residents learned from a variety of perspectives including academic, industrial, artistic, technological, and practical.

A special thanks to the Goldring Scholarship Fund for all their support.

Interactive Narrative Feature Program (INFP)

Launched in 2003, CFC Media Lab created the Interactive Narrative Feature Program (INFP) to experiment with the creation, development, production, financing, marketing and distribution of interactive feature films. Inspired by CFC Media Lab's interactive prototypes, the INFP seeks to build Canadian capacity and talent in interactive narrative production.

The nature of the interactive films produced from this initiative interrogates story, narrative structure, the relationship between time, space and meaning, and how audiences participate in meaning-making. The platform of choice varies depending on the subjects explored, but will include DVD-video, gaming consoles, mobile, the Web and interactive television, and a combination of the above. The intention is to create compelling experiences that radically insert audiences into the meaning-making process of storytelling in its purest form.

Please note that this program is currently on hiatus. Should you have any inquiries, please e-mail: medialab@cfccreates.com.



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