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The Slaight Family Music Lab


To encourage a complete integration of music creators (songwriters and composers) into the onscreen process while offering unique business opportunities to increase the use of Canadian music onscreen.

The Slaight Family Music Lab will create unique business opportunities to incite greater awareness and use of Canadian musical talent in the onscreen industries through the Slaight Music Residency & the Slaight/CFC Music Resource.

An excerpt from Songwriter Chair Marc Jordan's speech on music in film:

Marc Jordan at CFC in LA 2014. Photo by Jesse Grant.

Why Have Music in Film?

Watching a film is a little like taking a voyage through the imagination of a writer and director as the characters reveal themselves and the drama unfolds. So why confuse the issue and add music to the mix? The reason is that we listen to music in a unique way. Not with our intellect, not with our heads, but with our hearts.

A song is made up of harmony, melody, the lyric, and of course, the performance. When these four elements work together they can create a tidal wave of meaning, sub-text, and emotion. A kind of heart narrative is born beneath the dialogue. Movie directors that understand this are able to add an extra layer of emotional richness to their work.

Music can make you feel the action before it happens on screen. Songs make you fall in love with a character or out of love with another. Songs can shock, foreshadow, explain, misdirect, and make you feel the sting of rejection like no other medium.

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