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The Slaight Music Residency - Curriculum

The Slaight Music Residency will provide music residents with advanced knowledge in order to effectively translate their musical talent to onscreen applications.

The eight-month Music Residency begins with a multi-week, intense, practical series of workshops and Master Classes for the benefit of the Music Residents and all current CFC Creator Residents. Designed to bring all of CFC’s music, film, tv and digital media residents together with top music and onscreen powerhouses, as well as business and technical professionals to share practical insights and experience. These are intimate and practical workshops to promote an active exchange of creative and professional processes that facilitate relationship building between CFC Creators and our Music Residents.

Aside from the initial 2-3 week intensive training, the Slaight Music Residency is a part-time program bringing the composers and songwriters back together for “in person” interaction at key points as the CFC provides them with a number of real opportunities to workshop material and showcase their talent.

The Music Residents will be paired with a variety of top music professionals working in the onscreen industries to further their creative and professional development as they engage in opportunities and exercises with CFC talent, as well as with key creative decision makers in the onscreen industries.

CFC is committed to investing in and promoting our onscreen and creative talent worldwide through increased publicity showcasing opportunities.

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