CFC at Toronto's New Brave Festival

On Friday, July 13, the CFC presented two film events at new Harbourfront Toronto festival, Brave: A Festival of Risk and Failure.

'22 CHASER' Now Playing in Toronto

CFC Features' high-octane drama 22 CHASER is currently playing at Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

Alumni & Resident Roundup: June 2018

Catch up on the latest successes and updates from our alumni and residents for June 2018.

2018 Slaight Music Residency Showcase

Read about the industry launch for outgoing residents Lora Bidner, Virginia Kilbertus, Jonathan Kawchuk and Sarah Slean.

IDEABOOST's Cohort 7 Wraps Up and Shares Strategies


The 2018 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents