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John Nicholls

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 John Nicholls is a Picture Editor who’s recently edited on the latest feature film project from director Stephen S Campanelli, executive producer Jon Cassar and 20th Century Fox entitled Rio Heat.

Prior to that in 2015 he also cut10 episodes on the first season of Nickelodeon and YTV’s new half-hour musical comedy, Make It Pop, produced by DHX and created by Tom Lynch and Nick Cannon, Heir, the newest horror film from Fatal Pictures’ Richard Powell and Zach Green, as well as Reza Dahya’s dramatic piece Chameleon.

Notable projects since 2012 include three feature films: Looking is the Original Sin (Gail Harvey, director), Sex After Kids (Jeremy LaLonde, director) and End of Days, Inc (Jennifer Liao, director) as well the BravoFACT projects The Sweetest Hippopotamus and The Last Halloween (Marc Roussel, director) and the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival selected short film Out (Jeremy LaLonde, Director).

John is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and the Canadian Cinema Editors association, as well as an alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre.