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Thursday, April 23, 2020

How are you navigating your business in the current and emerging environments?

This fourth installment of CFC Media Lab’s COVID-19 Response Resources focuses on new ideas and tools to support you and your company in engaging loyal consumers, while managing the obstacles of the pandemic. You will also discover new ways that companies are supporting our community during the pandemic.

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The CFC Media Lab Team


These useful perspectives have been compiled to offer you thinking tools as you make decisions to support the evolution of your business.

How a feminist's response to the COVID-19 pandemic can lead us into a new world, from Petra Kassun-Mutch, Executive Entrepreneur-in-Residence for CFC Media Lab’s Fifth Wave Initiative. (Petra Kassun-Mutch)

An exploration of lasting consumer beliefs and behaviour shifts from the crisis, along with 8 measures that companies can take to sense, exploit and shape their post-COVID-19 reality. (Boston Consulting Group)

An analysis of new consumer segments evolving from the pandemic, including what will drive their spending now and after the outbreak subsides. (EY)

7 ways to develop your organization’s capacity for imagination. With imagination, we can thrive by shaping a new environment, instead of simply adapting to one.(Harvard Business Review)

5 ideas about how to stimulate cash flow in a downturn (Harvard Business Review)

4 possible post-pandemic scenarios to plan for, and questions for business leaders to consider, with inputs from some of the world’s top scenario thinkers. (Deloitte & Salesforce)


We compiled these tools to support you as you navigate the impact of the crisis on the current and future state of your business. 


Leaders in our community are creating new content in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Fifth Wave Labs Cohort 1 company AVA Animation & Visual Arts is participating in an international campaign with other leading projection mapping artists from around the world, to encourage people to stay together and stay home. Their 3D animations are combined into a video that is being projected on the façades of buildings all over the world, and shared live on social media so that audiences can watch from home. View the video HERE.

Fifth Wave Connect member and founder of the FitIn app has enhanced their new FitIn.Live offering with a mental health channel, focused on helping people deal with the emotional impacts of COVID-19 and isolation. They also recently launched a $35 pass for unlimited classes for the week.

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