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Thursday, May 7, 2020

We have compiled new ideas and tools for you in the fifth installment of the CFC Media Lab’s COVID-19 Response Resources, as we continue to support your navigation of the rapidly evolving environment.

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The CFC Media Lab Team


This selection of insights and perspectives has been compiled to offer you thinking tools as you make decisions to support the development of your business. 

Why the world needs feminism now, from Petra Kassun-Mutch, Executive Entrepreneur-in-Residence for CFC Media Lab’s Fifth Wave Initiative. (Liisbeth)

7 tricks for making good decisions in times of crisis. (Fast Company)

How COVID-19 may change the future for VR and AR, from Tim Merel, Digi-Capital’s Founder and Managing Director. (Venture Beat)

How to build trust with investors during the global pandemic. (GAN)

Boston Consulting Group’s COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check report, with useful insights on trends in investor perspectives in this rapidly changing environment. (Boston Consulting Group)

3 proactive response strategies to COVID-19 business challenges. (MIT Sloan Management Review)


Navigate the evolving impacts of the crisis with these tools to support the health of you and your business.

Learn more about the grants and funds available to digital media businesses and creators in Ontario with CFC Media Lab’s Funding Decoded: Part I. This session will be led by Irene Vandertop - IDEABOOST member and digital media producer, with more than 12 years of grant application experience. Q&A session to follow.


Leaders in our community are evolving their offerings in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

IDEABOOST Network Connect company Open Screenplay has launched their 2020 contest list as part of a #WriteABetterWorld campaign, which includes contests on topics such as “The World After COVID-19” and “How I Survived Social Distancing.” 

IDEABOOST Network Connect company Cream Digital has developed new remote production techniques that modified their digital human technology in order to continue to produce VR content. They also developed an innovative remote VR production framework that is aiding in the creation of VR training demonstrations.

IDEABOOST Cohort 8 company The Logic is hosting a discussion about what the government has done so far as a response to the pandemic, the impact of its efforts on the innovation economy and more, with Small Business Minister Mary Ng. Join this event, taking place on Friday, May 8th.

IDEABOOST Cohort 5 company SAM is helping the world’s largest social, tech, public and aviation sector clients stay one step ahead of the pandemic with crisis alerts that notify of new and emerging developments, such as lockdowns, closures, evacuations and unexpected risks related to COVID-19 on an extremely granular level.

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