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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Here are new insights and tools to help guide your business decision-making, as this next normal presents an opportunity to create positive changes for your businesses and the communities that they support.

To access reports, tools and articles that have been shared in the past few months, please visit CFC Media Lab’s COVID-19 Response Resources wiki.

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The CFC Media Lab Team


This selection of insights and perspectives has been compiled to offer you thinking tools as you make decisions to support the development of your business. 

Insights from four futurists on how to be forward-thinking in a post COVID-19 world (The Hustle)

Why businesses and governments must pay attention to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black lives, and invest in opportunities to build and sustain more equitable communities. (McKinsey & Company)

Perspective on being intentional when choosing who to meet and collaborate with, in order to support diverse companies during this increasingly challenging time. (Crystal McKellar)

Four practical and applicable lessons learned by observing how entrepreneurs’ networks can evolve to generate growth during the pandemic. (HBR)

What to stop, start, and accelerate to make the next normal work. (McKinsey & Company)

An approach to help fix the workplace gender gap during the reset to the next normal. (Fast Company)

Five ways to motivate your team with empathy and authority. (MITSloan Management Review)


Navigate the evolving environment with these tools.

Download the Deloitte report covering four key strategic issues that media and entertainment organizations should consider to recover from the crisis, while laying the foundations for a thriving future. (Deloitte Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications)

Read the COVID-19 BCG Perspectives report covering changed consumer behaviours and opportunities for seizing demand shifts. (Boston Consulting Group) 

Review the M&A and COVID-19 report to learn how approaches to M&A can help companies accelerate and transform in this next normal. (Deloitte)

Access the full April 2020 Coronavirus Research Report from GWI, with useful global insights related to the consumer landscape, as well as trends in behaviours and sentiments. (GWI)


Learn how IDEABOOST Cohort 7 company The Discourse-owned platform Indigraf helped launch six local news outlets during COVID-19.

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