2014 Executive Producer in Residence Brad Wright's new Showcase/Netflix series “Travelers,” developed in the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program.

Bell Media Prime Time TV Program

2016 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program Sizzle Reel

2016 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program Showcase


Working in series television means understanding the daily demands of creativity and production. The Bell Media Prime Time TV Program delivers a real world story room experience, develops strong series writers and creates original series content for the marketplace. You will work with an experienced creator and showrunner developing an original series.

The process allows you to develop your craft and voice while balancing the demands of the TV business. It develops, packages and launches you and your original series into the marketplace while building strong creative partnerships, skills and business opportunities. 


  • Applications Open: Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
  • Application Deadline: Friday, May 12th, 2017
  • Selections: Mid May 2017 - Mid July 2017
  • Program Start Date: Monday, September 18th, 2017
  • Program End Date: Early March 2018


This is a full-time five-month program open to 6-8 TV writers. It delivers a team-based approach to series writing while nurturing individual voices and developing new series concepts. This program develops writers and helps you master the essential tools required to thrive as successful writers and creators in the television industry.

Core Components
  • Articulating the creative vision
  • Working in a story department
  • Elevating craft and storytelling skills
  • Building business and marketplace strategies
  • Accelerating project development
  • Brokers countless creative and business opportunities by offering access to key industry professionals, mentors and creative leaders
  • Delivers a rigorous story room experience and establishes strong, collaborative team skills under the mentorship of a top executive producer and creator
  • Develops, workshops and packages new TV series concepts in addition to the executive producer’s new show
  • Inspires creativity through high-level case studies and workshops
  • Deepens your understanding of the marketplace and how best to position yourself within the business
  • Actively engages writers in an exploration of the evolving entertainment landscape
  • Expands your portfolio for TV


This program is designed for writers who are deeply committed to expanding their craft and who are ready to tackle the rigours of working in a story room. We are looking for writers with unique, inspired voices, a strong understanding of TV and who are keen to collaborate.

To apply you must have a spec script for an existing series, an original series pilot writing sample (half-hour or one hour; drama or comedy), several original series idea to be developed, a proven commitment to writing and some exposure to the film and television industry.


Tuition is $6,000. There is a $100 application fee to apply.

If accepted into the program, you will be eligible for a scholarship up to the full tuition amount, based on financial need. We will also provide you with support and resources for other scholarship opportunities from across Canada.


Craft and Collaboration: The Story Department

Working in a deeply collaborative manner, the story room experience puts writers through the rigours and discipline of series development with real turnaround expectations.

The Executive Producer in Residence introduces the world of the show, the characters and stories, strategically building their concept and breaking stories with the writers working as a story department. Writers will write and rewrite non-stop balancing the demands of the story room, story editing notes, broadcaster feedback and potential production concerns. The executive producer works closely with the team of writers to reach solid third drafts of the scripts and puts them to the test with professionally cast actor readings.

Project Development: The Original Series Pilot

You will have the opportunity to develop your own fresh and original series idea through group and individual story editing sessions, rewriting and packaging assignments. Under professional mentorship, you will be constantly pitching, turning around written material, round-tabling it for feedback and rewriting and analyzing the work in terms of design, impact and feasibility. This process culminates in a professionally cast actor reading of the pilot script and the production of a promotional teaser.

Productions and TV Teasers

Writers have the opportunity to showcase series idea through a modest production component called TV Teasers, a simple three-minute, professionally cast and crewed snapshot of your original series. Teasers are condensed trailers based on the characters and stories in your original series material that are intended to act as a promotional tool for your talent and series ideas. These productions put into play the same creative, collaborative and pragmatic challenges inherent in any television production experience. 

Business and Marketplace: Professional Development

The program focuses on building greater awareness of the business aspects of television; shaping the writer’s portfolio for the broadcast marketplace and developing long-term career strategies. In-depth workshops, case studies, and business and career planning sessions with key industry players will:

  • Explore key aspects of the craft, including various processes and relationships
  • Access detailed information about series development, financing, production and broadcasting
  • Provide in-depth exposure to innovative and alternative TV models 

For any additional questions concerning the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program, please email
Dena Razapoor at drazapoor@cfccreates.com or 416-445-1446 x 224


Applications are now open. Please visit the APPLY tab.


The CFC is committed to providing accessible practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation at any stage of the application process or have any questions regarding appropriate accommodations please contact Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at:dfallows@cfccreates.com.


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2016 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program Showcase

This showcase reel includes seven short promos that we call TV Teasers which are generated from each writer’s original series concept. Teasers are designed to give you a taste of who these writers are, what kind of material they’re drawn to, their unique voice and to give you a glimpse, however brief, into the world, the characters and themes of their original series.


Karen Walton | Executive Producer in Residence

Al Magee | Professional in Residence

Lesley Grant | Original Series Consultant & TV Teaser Mentor

Kryssta Mills | Original Series Consultant 

Marissa Richmond | Casting Director Mentor

Tom Third | Teaser Music Mentor

Marlo Miazga |  Teaser Editor Mentor

Original Series Mentors

Marketing & Design Consultants




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