IDEABOOST was created in 2012 to help startups transform the global entertainment and media industry. Today, IDEABOOST is a vibrant global community leading the next wave of media innovation.

Canada’s only digital entertainment accelerator, IDEABOOST has pioneered an industry-focused startup bootcamp like no other, leveraging the experience of a specialized network of entrepreneurs, investors, and insiders that companies require to build sustainable 21st Century media businesses and launch innovative products.

At the heart of the IDEABOOST community is a diverse  portfolio of digital media startups – which have benefited from the IDEABOOST bootcamp accelerator and our extended IDEABOOST community — now including even more companies thanks to our new IDEABOOST Network Connect program.

IDEABOOST startups join a community that includes a distinguished board of advisors, a roster of expert mentors, seasoned media executives and entrepreneurs, investors with deep knowledge of the media business, affiliated companies, service providers, and platform and program partners.

Presenting the IDEABOOST Community: Network Connect, Accelerator & Portfolio



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IDEABOOST is pleased to announce a new way for companies to join the IDEABOOST community — IDEABOOST Network Connect — expanding our unique support environment to qualified digital media and entertainment startups beyond the boundaries of the four-month bootcamp. Key benefits to companies that are part of IDEABOOST Network Connect include:

  • Networking within the IDEABOOST community
  • Training and collaboration events
  • Customized company assessment and coaching
  • Advisory services to validate businesses and deliver customers
  • Business referrals by our mentor and faculty network
  • Direct services provided by IDEABOOST program and event partners
  • Access to investment and customer networks

IDEABOOST Network Connect participation is provided to qualifying companies without charge. Unlike the IDEABOOST bootcamp, Network Connect does not provide capital, nor is an equity stake required for participation. Entry into the program is based upon application and review by IDEABOOST executives. Companies are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Network Connect companies may vary the intensity of their participation over time, according to their stage of development and goals set with their advisors.


IDEABOOST companies may access a range of services provided without charge by our program partners. Services include legal, brand partnerships, debt financing, coworking space, crowdfunding campaigns, and tax advisory.

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IDEABOOST and the CFC Media Lab partner throughout the year with industry conferences, events and tradeshows as a means to showcase IDEABOOST companies and products in front of key influencer audiences. Event access to date has included: DX3, Banff World Media Festival, Grow, International Startup Festival Montreal, The Canadian Innovation Exchange, Digital Hollywood, Stream Market and SXSW.

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The goal of the IDEABOOST Accelerator is to supercharge Canada’s high-growth, high-success global digital media companies. To accomplish this, we begin with a four-month business bootcamp entirely focused upon providing business advisory and other services tailored to qualified startups in the digital media and entertainment industry.

The program provides seed capital in exchange for an equity stake in each startup. Additional in-kind services are also available to each company. Companies selected for this program are required to commit to an intensive and demanding four-month program of customized assessment, in-depth training, mentoring and other activities that are designed to build sustainable companies with validated business models, solid products, clear market strategies, and investor readiness.

The Accelerator program includes:

  • Training in business fundamentals and lean startup methods
  • Customized assessment and critical path
  • High-level mentor devoted to each company
  • Pitch deck refinement and iteration and professional pitch coaching
  • Financial modeling and capital strategy
  • Customer targeting, testing, engagement
  • PR, marketing, branding consultation and strategic planning
  • Building strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Demo Day
  • Investor preparation and introductions

Companies interested in the Accelerator are encouraged to apply to participate in the IDEABOOST Network Connect program. 


Growing a startup takes time and investment capital well beyond a four-month bootcamp. The IDEABOOST Portfolio is comprised of companies that have completed the bootcamp Accelerator and are poised for growth and investment from capital markets.

Companies in the IDEABOOST Portfolio enjoy continued access to the network and services over time as they launch investment campaigns, engage new customers, expand their product offerings and scale their teams.

All IDEABOOST companies that have successfully completed our Accelerator may join the Portfolio phase of IDEABOOST for at least one year. The primary metric for selection is readiness – product, team, financial structure, and market segment. Customized services available to IDEABOOST Portfolio companies include:

  • Assistance in preparing and raising capital
  • Development of key lighthouse customers
  • Creation of strategic partnerships
  • Design and operation of commercialization and use-case demonstrations
  • Marketing and visibility activities

Selected IDEABOOST Portfolio companies qualify for the IDEABOOST Commercialization Lab, an initiative built by the CFC to build sales and expand their business. Each Lab addresses the particular stage and needs of a given company with programs, for example: to develop sales pipeline, create use cases with key customers, better market their brand and product, increase user base, and/or sell into the international market.

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Companies seeking to participate in the IDEABOOST community and programs should be growth-oriented Canadian startups that are building technology platforms and products for the digital entertainment industry. Co-productions and joint ventures between Canadian and non-Canadian companies are also eligible, provided that the Canadian team member is the one who submits the application to IDEABOOST. 

Examples of eligible working prototypes or beta versions of product include:

  • Capture Technologies: Visual, sensor driven, touch or multi-gestural systems that capture all manner of data
  • Audience Engagement Systems: Platforms, data tracking, engagement tracking, analytic tools
  • Curation Tools: Supporting the collection, discovery and distribution of content
  • Storytelling Platforms: Transmedia authoring platforms, second screen applications, new storytelling formats, multi-platform applications
  • Presentation Platforms: Screens and/or systems which output audio-visual and sensory inputs, including stereoscopic 3D devices and full virtual reality helmets
  • Mobile Applications: Second screen, hybrid content models, community management and curation


Selection for participation in both IDEABOOST Network Connect and Accelerator begins with an online application form. Companies will be selected based upon a range of criteria at the sole discretion of the IDEABOOST jury and executive team.

Among the factors considered are: clear articulation of product vision and problem being solved, size of market, quality and track record of the team, market traction, growth potential.

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IDEABOOST is proud to have accelerated an impressive roster of start-ups, including:

TuneStars is a tech startup focused on the intersection between social media, music, and mobile devices. They build products that engage music fans, artists, and the industry in a whole new way.

Changio is a next-generation media and rewards company. Changio believes the future of marketing, advertising and communications will be built on having brands establish, build and deepen relationship with their customers by using insights, rewards and incentives.

MBLOK is a hardware company with the goal to ensure users will never have to worry about bad internet connection ever again.

Toronto-based SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for online publishers. SilmCut Media gives easy access to advertising demand through in-article video ad units and engages consumers with reader reward programs.

Vertical is a Waterloo-based startup developing vision-based intelligence technology for the commercial drone industry.

Albedo Informatics is a Toronto-based locative and augmented reality application developer with a focus on creating experiences that enrich users lives.


All Play, No Work was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced digital-media developers who recognized the need for creative, story-driven e-books for the purpose of increasing user-driven decision-making and encouraging critical thinking in young children.

Bubl Technology Inc. is a Toronto technology start-up with the goal to make 360-degree technology available to everyone. The handheld device (about the size of a baseball) captures full panoramic photos and videos, allows users to experience and share recorded content as well as streams live video.

Mediazoic creates custom audio streaming solutions for people and brands. Pretty much anyone, from individuals to commercial and non-commercial organizations, with either musical or non-musical content, can create programs, have complete control over the look and content of their station(s), and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches.

Think Dirty® is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in users' cosmetics and personal care products.

Pong is an Ontario area startup responsible for building the Pong app. The team behind this project is comprised of amazing hackers, engineers, and growth experts who have worked for top companies in Silicon Valley such as LinkedIn, Spotify, and Pinterest.

Part interactive discovery tool, part knowledge network for the performing arts, BeMused Network offers users quick and easy access to live performances in Toronto and a way to connect with the performing arts community—whether as an audience member, artist, producer or venue owner.

RAUR builds software for broadcasting high-quality live audio from mobile phones and tablets that can be listened to anywhere at any time.

Focused on developing its own intellectual properties Coin & Flour, Jet Loaf and Silent Destiny, as well as the Animanga Plus application and authoring tool for desktop and mobile devices.

Magnify Digital thrives in the online world. We design, implement and measure online marketing strategies that grow users' business and bottom line.

Wondereur invites users to explore our world through the lens of today’s artistic visionaries and creative risk-takers. Escape into a hidden world as we encounter the stories and moments that take us closer to the source of art and creativity.

ApprencticeA Productions is the largest online video production company in Canada.

AsapSCIENCE is a community for people to learn and be entertained by the neatest aspects of science and life. With weekly videos covering biology, chemistry, physics and more, AsapSCIENCE aims to transform the educational landscape by bridging the gap between traditional and digital platforms.


Founding Partner

Corus Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. Corus is a market leader in specialty television and radio with additional assets in pay television, television broadcasting, children's book publishing, children's animation and animation software. The company's multimedia entertainment brands include the kids brands YTV, Treehouse, Nickelodeon (Canada), TELETOON (English), TELETOON (French), TELETOON Retro (English), TELETOON Retro (French), Cartoon Network (Canada); and the women’s brands W Network, Cosmopolitan TV, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) and W Movies. Additional assets include ABC Spark, CMT(Canada), Sundance Channel (Canada) and Telelatino; Quebec's french-language channels Historia and Séries+; western Canada’s pay TV service Movie Central, with nine multiplex channels including HBO Canada; and three local over-the-air television stations. Corus also owns 39 radio stations including CKNW AM 980, 99.3 The FOX, Country 105, 630 CHED, Q107, and 102.1 the Edge. Corus assets include Nelvana, one of the world’s leading creators, producers and distributors of children’s and animated programming, and related consumer products. Corus creates engaging branded entertainment experiences for its audiences across multiple platforms. A publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CJR.B). Experience Corus on the web at

Funding Partners

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s (FedDev Ontario) mandate is to strengthen the region’s economic capacity for innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration, and to promote the development of a strong and diversified southern Ontario economy.

The Agency is providing a contribution of up to $4.76 million under the Investing in Commercialization Partnerships initiative, to help small- and medium-sized enterprises develop and launch digital media products and technologies. This includes support for the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) Catalyze project. CFC Catalyze is a series of six linked initiatives, including: the ideaBOOST Engage Program, ideaBOOST Production Labs, ideaBOOST Portfolio Program, Digital Transformation Labs, Digital Entertainment Demonstration Projects and ideaBOOST Unleashed. This contribution builds on FedDev Ontario’s initial $3.5-million investment in 2012, which enabled 51 companies to receive CFC support.

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