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The CFC Media Lab is a unique production think-tank, training institute and accelerator for emerging interactive and digital creators, practitioners, entrepreneurs and companies, which has graduated over 200 professionals, prototyped over 100 interactive products and commercialized over 30 technologically-savvy start-ups. 








IDEABOOST is a business accelerator with a difference - a bootcamp for companies that want to navigate an entertainment ecosystem that has been radically disrupted by new technologies and demanding audience expectations.

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Media Lab

"IDEABOOST is an example of what a comprehensive accelerator should be. It encompasses great strategic mentors, technical and financial specialists and is an amazing networking opportunity."

Damien Véran

President, SlimCut Media

VR Strategy

With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and with heavy investments into the VR landscape from companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, VR is accelerating rapidly, with industry revenues predicted to reach the billion dollar mark before 2020. In 2016, VR has finally made the transition from prototype to commercial launch, and is poised to become the next big platform for media and entertainment.

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Media Lab

Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was once a dream, and so were computers and smart phones.

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Facebook

Special Projects

The CFC Media Lab creates ground-breaking productions which include Body/Mind/Change starring David Cronenberg; Late Fragment, Canada’s first interactive feature film; and the dynamic mobile visualization project of What’s Your Essential Cinema, co-produced with TIFF.

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Media Lab

Body/Mind/Change received two MUSE awards; the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award and Honorable Mention in the category of Games and Augmented Reality.


​Enterprising Culture

Enterprising Culture is an international meeting that will provide opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between Canadian and French stakeholders and startups from the cultural, creative, and media industries.

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Enterprising Culture 2016

Enterprising Culture 2016

Graduate Program in Digital Futures

OCAD University and the CFC Media Lab have partnered to launch a new and innovative Graduate Program in Digital Futures, with a part-time Graduate Diploma and full-time Master's Degrees.

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OCAD Digital Futures

"Program participants gain core foundational knowledge and explore specific areas of interest through electives offered across the whole of OCAD U.”

Tom Barker

Chair, Digital Futures Initiative, OCAD U

Jumping Screens Comedy Workshop

In this five-month part-time program created by CFC Media Lab in collaboration with the CBC and Aircraft Pictures, we experiment with a novel approach to series-creation. Ultimately the goal of Jumping Screens is to develop a long-format television or “digital first” comedy series for the CBC.

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Next Time Productions

We are looking forward to building a strong relationship with the CBC, the CFC and Aircraft Pictures, and are thrilled to collaborate with some great Canadian talent.”

Darren Morenstein

NextTime Productions

OPEN IMMERSION: A Virtual Reality Creative Doc Lab

OPEN IMMERSION: A Virtual Reality Creative Doc Lab was created as an experimentation and creation lab for diverse creators from the US and Canada to explore VR storytelling.

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Past Programs

The programs at Media Lab change drastically every year. Click below to view a collection of previous programs.

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James Milward, TELUS IAEP Graduate

"The Telus IAEP program was an amazing opportunity, i was able to combine my previous skill set with this new understanding and take my career to the next level. I now own Emmy Award Winning digital entertainment agency Secret Location."

James Milward

Founder & Executive Producer, The Secret Location