The Edge

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2015 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program




In this mysterious drama, a social worker for new Canadians discovers the difficult side of immigrant culture.

Mila Jusko (28), dreams of being a corporate lawyer. She’s smart and ambitious, with a brilliant grasp of the law. She has what it takes but can’t pass the bar exam. Mila has test anxiety. Once engaged to a promising lawyer, she is suddenly single and living with her parents. She takes a job at a multicultural centre as a means to an end – a way to pay the bills until she gets back on her feet. Mila helps clients with sponsorship, citizenship, job placement and housing issues. This centre for new Canadians bridges differences but also exposes sharp edges among people with difficult pasts and uncertain futures. What begins as a day job, quickly lands Mila in the middle of a mystery. One of her first clients, Nasira, a young Egyptian, lives in a women’s shelter and hunts for her children who’ve been kidnapped by her estranged husband. Another client’s sister suddenly disappears. Diego, a refugee from El Salvador will do what it takes to find her. A Chinese man, who’s English name is Stanley, insists on wearing a business suit even though he’s unemployed. He has entrepreneurial dreams. Mila has the power to affect people’s lives, but soon discovers she’s in way over her head. 


Molly Clayton

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